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Welcome to Modern Michigan Doula  

 Modern Michigan Doula is one of the top doula services in Michigan, with helping well over 315 families since 2008. Modern Michigan Doula is a full time practice, which allows me to give each client my fullest attention at any moment during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum time. I believe that every clients' needs and desires are different and I’m committed to meeting those needs. Modern Michigan is highly recommended and warmly welcomed by your healthcare providers and nurses to be part of your birth team, this ensures that you will have the best care given.  As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat clients and referrals. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best birth experience. 

Scope of Practice

I provide 1:1 continuous active labor support, as well as prenatal and postpartum guidance. After our initial virtual consultation, I typically meet with clients 2-4 times for prenatal visits. At these visits I help discuss birth options, preferences and your well-being. I also help you and your partner prepare emotionally and physically for labor. I am available to clients for phone consultations and email correspondence. I agree to be on-call at 38 weeks gestation and remain available to attend your labor. It is my goal to get to you within 60 minutes or less from the time you call requesting my presence. When active labor begins, I agree to meet you at your preferred location and I will provide you with 1:1 continuous labor support. After the birth of your baby, I remain at your side for 1-2 hours as you recover. I typically make 1-2 postpartum visits within 7 days, either in the hospital or at home (depending on the package). In the event of a planned C-section, arrangements may be made for extra postpartum home visits. During these visits we discuss your birth experience, breastfeeding progress, adjusting to your newborn and any other concerns you may have.


Modern Michigan Doula has always and will continue to be conscious and mindful of infection control measures. I work with some of the most vulnerable populations of people - newborns and pregnant mothers - on a regular basis. Modern Michigan Doula has knowledge of diligent hand washing protocols, utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment when necessary, and will cancel or reschedule support if I suspect to be sick, potentially sick, or have been around someone who is sick. Modern Michigan Doula would never compromise the health and safety of our community.

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