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Did You Know...

Modern Michigan Doula has a 90% VBAC success rate!

Modern Michigan Doula has local OB Providers that support VBAC's.

Modern Michigan Doula has helped many clients have multiple

 successful VBAC's

What VBAC Mom's Had To Say...

I am so very thankful I found Melissa! My first delivery ended in a csection due to breech presentation. I knew the next time I wanted a vbac and heard so much great things about Doulas. Let me tell you I had almost every odd stacked against me. But I give credit to Melissa who helped make my vbac a success this past Monday! She gave me the support I needed to remain determined. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone!

~Kayla Murlick

Melissa was great! She played a huge role in my second child's VBAC birth. MY husband was hesitant to try for a VBAC let alone hire a doula as he felt that filled his role. She did a great job explaining what she would do and how we would all be a team which made him feel better about it. She was patient with me as I routinely texted her before going into labor about what my body was doing. I had a scheduled repeat C section and she consistently showed confidence in me that I would go into labor before that date (which I did) and would be able to have a VBAC. Things progressed much faster than my first child and I had some moments of panic but she helped keep me calm and reassure me throughout the process. We came up with a birth plan that my providers agreed on as well and she was vital to make sure my wishes were followed while I was in active labor at the hospital, and to provide support for me and my husband. She also did a great job of keeping the doctor, nurses, and husband in check with what they were saying while I was in labor. I would recommend and would likely hire her again if we he have another. I think she played a vital role in a successful VBAC birth and a better experience overall.

~Tracey W

First of all, I will never not have Melissa when it comes to future pregnancies. She was absolutely amazing and offered the level of support I needed throughout the duration of my pregnancy as I did everything in my power to prepare for a VBAC birth. Not once did she doubt my ability to accomplish this (as many others did!). Her confidence in me only boosted my own, and truly played such an important role in terms of my frame of mind....which is just so so huge and important when it comes to birth! I was almost two weeks overdue and facing a scheduled c-section the following day when my doctor decided to let me go another 5 Days (baby and I were both healthy/no apparent risks). A huge weight was lifted off of me and guess what, active labor began immediately! Melissa was my biggest cheerleader throughout the hours that followed. She encouraged me, supported my every decision, and gave my mind ease when there were moments that I questioned my abilities. I am so proud and happy to say that we DID accomplish our vaginal birth after cesarean!!! I owe so much of that to Melissa and the rest of my team, for being so positive and nurturing. We are so incredibly grateful for this

 experience with her!

~Kelsey Laskowski

We wanted a VBAC after two cesareans. I was nervous our doctor wasn't completely 

on board. Melissa helped us through our feelings about our previous deliveries 

and prepared us to succeed with our upcoming delivery. When we got to the 

hospital the doctor on call didn't want to allow us a TOLAC. Melissa convinced them 

to find a doctor who would and stayed with us the entire time. I can say with 100% confidence we would not have had our successful VBAC without Melissa. Melissa 

also helped us know the position of our baby, offered to attend doctor's 

appointments and ultrasounds.  When I had to stay longer in the hospital, Melissa 

visited often to make sure I was getting the proper care and that I was healing.

She was amazing.


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